This gun was taken off a 14-year-old in Roxbury over the weekend.Image courtesy of Boston Police.

Police arrested a 22-year-old and a 14-year-old, both believed to be involved in gang activity, in Roxbury early Saturday.


Boston Police tracked a white sedan on Normandy Street shortly after midnight Saturday seen leaving the scene of a shooting, when they saw a passenger leave the car and try to walk away “while making movements consistent with those of a person concealing a firearm.”


Police then stopped the male, whose identity was not released but whom authorities say is a “known member of a street gang who had been involved in previous violent encounters.”


The male was patted down and police discovered a baggie containing crack cocaine.


A second car then arrived at the scene, driven by the brother of the suspect they had detained, who is also a known gang member, according to police.


Through a statement, Boston Police said “The occupants of both vehicles then began shouting to each other, and the detained suspect encouraged his brother to run away from police.”

The occupants of both cars then ignored police commands, according to authorities, and exited the vehicles. Two of the occupants ran from the scene and got away.

Police did apprehend a 14-year-old. During a pat-and-frisk police found a loaded black and silver Kurz 380 caliber 9 millimeter handgun from his waist band.

The 14-year-old faces several charges, including unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition and carrying a loaded firearm. As the suspect is a juvenile, his name was not released.

A 22-year-old from Dorchester was also summoned to court for possession of a Class B substance. Police have not released his name; it was not immediately clear why.