James Ferguson.Plymouth County District Attorney's Office

A Dorchester man was held without bail for killing and robbing a Marshfield man.

Authorities are looking for two other people involved in the vicious death of Robert McKenna, 43,during a break-in. James Ferguson, 40, of Dorchester plead not guilty on charges of killing McKenna and stealing a valuable stone and two guns.

Prosecutors say the murder was especially grisly. McKenna was found face up on his kitchen floor in his underwear with several slash wounds on his upper arm, both hands and the back of his head. According to Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz’ office, McKenna suffered “a massive loss of blood.”

He was pronounced dead at the scene.


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The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner found that McKenna died from the injuries sustained to the right arm, which severed large blood vessels and the deep soft tissue wound on the back of his head.

Police now are looking for a man and a woman whom they believe aided in the break-in and murder, according to the Boston Globe. Authorities found three sets of bloody footprints throughout the house They were also able to link Ferguson to the scene because his blood was found on several items in the house.

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