Two murder suspects were expected to face arraignment on Wednesday in Roxbury Municipal Court after the July 2 shooting that took 22-year-old Raheem Ramirez’ life.

According to original reports, the two men opened fire into a crowdthat left Ramirez in life-threatening condition. Hewas laterpronounced dead at the hospital.

The men both fledon a scooter before the cops could arrive to the scene.

Reportedly, the men were fleeing through red lights and driving the wrong way down one-way streets until they ditched the scooter and continued on foot.


Officers found a handgun on the men’s path and they were both taken in despite lies about their whereabouts that evening during the investigation.

According to the district attorney, Lamar Brison, 24 and Elijah Small, 19 were also both held on $100,000 cash bail following July 3 arraignments for unlawfully carrying a firearm.

In addition, Brison was charged with misleading an investigator and motor vehicle offenses.

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