Nikolas Papadopoulos was sentenced for the 2013 car crash that left two people parGetty Images

The driver behind that wheel that caused a crash in 2013 that left two people paralyzed was sentenced to serve one year in prison on Wednesday, according to published reports.
Nikolas Papadopoulos, 20, was convicted in January of negligent driving for the crash that occurred on Sept. 6, 2013 and faced up to two years in prison, the Boston Informer reported.
Prosecutors said Papadopoulos, who was 18 at the time of the accident, was driving above the speed limit when he lost control of his car on the Arborway in Jamaica Plain, according to the Boston Globe.
After clipping the median of the road, his car rolled before slamming into the truck of Kevin Cellucci of Dorchester, a father of three who due to injuries from the accident has been left unable to walk or communicate on his own, the Boston Globe reported.
Mark Delamere, who was a passenger in Papadopoulos’ SUV was also paralyzed after the accident, according to the Boston Informer.
After the year in jail, Papadopoulos faces fives years of probation and 2,000 hours of community service. He will also not be able to get his driver’s license back until 2021.
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