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Ernie Boch Jr. has a message for Donald Trump supporters: Come on down!

Trump will be the featured guest at “Ernie’s Summer Bash,” a private event hosted at Boch’s Norwood house on Aug. 28. To hear the live music and Trump give a speech, invited guests have to cough up $100.

“What attracts me to Mr. Trump is that he is not a politician and that he doesn’t speak like a politician. And to me, that’s refreshing,” Boch, who owns a large auto dealership, told the Boston Globe.

Trump has caught fire as a potential Republican candidate, making headlines with polarizing politically cincorrect statements, a campaign to “make America great again,” and a magnificent head of hair second only to former Gov. Mitt Romney, who Boch hosted an event for during his gubernatorial campaign.


Trump has ruffled plenty of feathers by jawing with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, calling undocumented immigrants rapists and criminals and plenty of other eyebrow-raising comments. Despite these remarks, Trump leads the national polls as top Republican candidate in the overcrowded field of potential Presidential candidates.

“Whether you are for him or against him, you will be more educated in your decision for who to vote for after hearing him speak,” Boch told the Globe. “Is he a loose cannon? Maybe a little. But who hasn’t been a loose cannon in their life? That’s the appeal.”

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