Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan indicted a man, Sami Sherif, 18, on one count of rape where the 18-year-old victim was allegedly found unconscious on the driveway of a home in Everett. The victim was said to have blood on her body and her clothes were in disarray when she was found early morning on March 7.

Detectives learned through interviews with the victim's family and other individuals that were with her on the evening that the victim had been drinking with numerous other teenagers at a home on Waters Avenue in Everett. According to reports about 40 young people were at the home that evening and consuming alcohol.

According to authorities, the victim was intoxicated with a blood alcohol level of .237 mg/dl and was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital on Saturday, March 7, at around 7:15 a.m. The victim was unconscious for two days before recovering and being released.

The defendant, Sami Sherif had reportedly left the party with the victim and later returned alone. He was arrested and booked at the Everett Police Station of Friday, March 27. His arraignment will be held Wednesday, July 8, at 11:00 am in Middlesex superior court.

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