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The Boston Public Health Commission confirmed that a Boston man is the first reported case of the Zika virus in the Commonwealth.

Health officials expect the man to survive, according to a report from CBS.

The Zika virus is spread through mosquitos, which means that the New England area will not be affected by the spreading virus because there are no mosquitos around this time of year. The virus is not transmitted from person to person, so contact with the man will not cause an outbreak.

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“The species of mosquito that transmits Zika is rarely found in Boston,” Dr. Anita Barry, Director of the Infectious Disease Bureau at the Public Health Commission told CBS. “However, we encourage those traveling to countries with a high risk for Zika transmission especially those who are pregnant or may become pregnant to take the utmost care to avoid contracting the virus.”

Information on Zika virus can be found on theCDC website.