Anthony Barksdale II died of alcohol poisoning inside BU frat.

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The brokenhearted family of a Boston University freshman who died two years ago after a night of boozing is suing the fraternity and three of its members it says are responsible.

“Tony was an inexperienced drinker and quickly became severely intoxicated as he tried to drink the contents of the handle during the party,’’ the family of Anthony Barksdale II say in the suit filed in U.S. District Court, reports The Boston Globe.

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The family says the 18-year-old was handed a bottle a vodka by a member of Sigma Alpha Mu’s Boston University chapter at a 2013 pledge party.


Hours later he was dead of acute alcohol intoxication; his blood alcohol level was .33 percent, four times the legal limit, The Globe says .

The suit was filed by the teen’s dad, Anthony W. Barksdale of Nashua and his mother, Melanie J. Ricard of Mont Vernon, N.H., and alleges no one at the party sought medical help until Barksdale was blacked out and vomiting

The victim, a freshman engineering student, died at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center on March 1, 2013.