Bella Bond.Nate Homan/Metro Boston

The body of Bella Bond, a 2-year-old girl whose remains were found on Deer Island in June, has been released to her father.

The child's private funeral will be held Saturday in Winthrop, NECN reported.

Before Bond's remains were identified investigators dubbed her "Baby Doe." Her disappearance captured national attention when her body was found in a trash bag on Deer Island on June 25. Her computer-rendered picture spread as far as the internet could reach, but her identity remained a mystery for 83 days.

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Her mother’s boyfriend, Michael Patrick McCarthy is charged with murder. Prosecutors said the night Bella Bond was killed, McCarthy went into her bedroom and beat her because she was crying. The girl's mother, Rachelle Bond came in to find her daughter dead, prosecutors said. Bond said that she witnessed Michael McCarthy punched Bella in the stomach until she stopped breathing.

Bond has been charged as accessory after the fact.

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Bella Bond will reportedly be buried with her grandparents.

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