A 2-year-old girl sitting in a car seat is recovering from gunshot wounds suffered during what police area calling a drive-by shooting.

The girl was in the back seat of a car just before 4 p.m. Saturday on Winslow Street when the shooter rode past ona scooter and opened fire on her father, who was standing outside the car, police told the Boston Globe.

“We believe it’s the same bullet that went through her hand and went through to her thigh,” Police Commissioner William Evans told the paper. “The good news is, it’s a through and through wound, that didn’t hit anything, so she is going to be fine.”

Police told the Globe and WBZ that the girl’s father is a gang member known to the department and that they believe the shooting was related to those affiliations.


“He is not being cooperative, at all. That’s the most frustrating thing,” Evans told the Globe.

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