Gloucester, Massachusetts.

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Gloucester Police Chief Leonard Campanello, who has received national praise for his efforts to help fight opiod addiction, was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation, according to the mayor.


Mayor Sefatia Romeo Thekendid not elaborate on the reasons for the investigation. Sheissued the following statement on Tuesday:


"Effective immediately, today September 13, 2016, I have notified Gloucester Police Chief Leonard Campanello that he has been placed on paid administrative leave until further notice and upon completion of an internal investigation. We will have no further comments at this time."


Last year, Campanellopioneered an innovative way to combat the opiate epidemic when he announced that Gloucester Police will not arrest anyone who walks in high or in possession of controlled substances or paraphernalia. The move was made to help individuals toward detox and recovery rather thantreating addicts like criminals


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Campanellosaid that he does not know what the investigation is about but isn't too worried, according to theGloucester Times.

"I have absolutely no concerns in my personal or professional life that I've done anything wrong to warrant any action against me," he told the Times. "I am absolutely and completely unconcerned with this at all. If the city feels they have to take some kind of process with this, go at it.​