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GoFundMe page for man killed in shuttle crash surpasses goal

The donations will also help pay medical bills for the man's wife, who was injured in the crash.
The GoFundMe page for the Rodriguez family.GoFundMe

A GoFundMepage set up for a Texas man who was killed in a hotelshuttle bus crash has surpassed its goal.

Joseph Rodriguez, 59, of El Paso, Texas, was killed Wednesday when a car rear-ended the hotel shuttle bus he and his wife, 57-year-old Irma Rodriguez, were passengers on, according to state police.

Joseph Rodriguez was thrown from the vehicle, along with 47-year-old Sandra Arreola, also of El Paso, Texas, who died at the scene.

A Rodriguez family member set up a GoFundMe page last week to help cover the burial costs and hospital bills. Irma Rodriguez, who was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital after the incident, is expected to recover, according to the fundraising page.


The effort has raised more than $5,800 as of Monday, surpassing the set goal of $5,000. The money will be used to cover medical and travel expenses—family members had to travel from Texas and New Mexico to Boston after the crash—and to help get Joseph Rodriguez back home for a burial service.

The couple had just arrived in Boston for a nine-day vacation, according to the page. Family members wrote that Joseph Rodriguez was a U.S. Army veteran, an important part of his congregation, and a father to one daughter.

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