Four people’s lives were saved from a Boston fire that broke out late Tuesday afternoon by a good Samaritan, ABC Boston reported.

The stranger, a man named Rene Lucas, explained to ABC that he was driving when he spotted flames off of Cumin Highway. He and his friend didn’t think twice before pulling over to help.

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"We didn't think twice," Lucas explained. "We just parked the car and boom went inside the house and just started knocking on windows and doors. We said, 'The house is on fire, everybody out, everybody out.'"


The residents he warned all poured praise on the man who did a good deed.

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Firefighters arrived around 4:00 p.m. to the two alarm fire, and knocked the fire out shortly after. The department chief estimated the damage to the three family home to be around $250,000. In total, seven people were displaced by the fire, according to the fire department's twitter.

Only one firefighter was injured, and officials are still investigating what caused the fire.

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