Some parts of Boston have been buried under more than six feet of snow in recent weekNicolaus Czarnecki/Metro

Gov. Charlie Baker has deployed 500 Massachusetts National Guardsmen to help with snow removal in the most buried parts of the state.

The National Guard will use heavy equipment, including front end loaders, bobcats and dump trucks. Other guardsmen will work by hand, shoveling out fire hydrants, digging passageways and clearing snow around public safety buildings.

The state’s also agreed to buy two snow-melting machines and more heavy equipment from nearby states to clear roadways and sidewalks, Baker said. In an hour, each melter can liquify about 120 tons of snow or about 25 truck loads.

The Vermont National Guard will also be sending personnel and equipment to help.


“It has been a difficult winter for the people of Massachusetts, but we encourage everyone to remain patient and help shovel sidewalks, driveways, and safely clear roofs,” Baker said in a statement. “Our goal is to help all municipalities safely return to working order as quickly as possible.”

Monday night, the Baker Administration declared a state of emergency and ordered non-emergency personnel who live or work in Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk or Suffolk counties not to report to work today.

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