Charlie Baker is getting his haior buzzed for a cancer money raiser.


Next Tuesday, everyone is going to be talking about Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker’s hair.

That’s because he’s shaving it all off. Well, not exactly. He’s getting a military-style buzzcut and the reason we care is because its all for a good cause -- part of a $2.5 fundraising drive for the Dana-Farber

Baker’s and 500 workers at Granite Telecommunications in Quincy will line up for the high-and-tight dos on Tuesday.

The Globe reports that Baker’s wife signed off on the governor going under the clippers, with a #2 blade on the top and sides.


The governor’s office announced Baker’s participation in the fundraiser on Wednesday, April Fool’s Day. It had some reporters thinking they were getting punked.

He told he it was for real

“I’ve always been a fan of Dana Farber and I saw this as a way to support them,” Baker said.