Robby Roadsteamer, the voice of our generation, explains one of the most ridiculous sNic Czarnecki/Metro

Boston’s greatest rock star this side of James Taylor is back at it with a tune explaining the absurdity of Deflategate.

Robbie Roadsteamer pours his heart out to our beloved hero Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback to ever suffer the wrath of one of the dumbest scandals in sports history.

Roadsteamer’s explanation of this mess is perfectly meshed into Bob Dylan’s “Hurricane,” only better than Bob’s growling. Both Rubin “Hurricane” Carter and Brady were thrown under the bus for unjust accusations. While Carter spent almost two decades behind bars for a triple murder he had no hand in, Brady is being crucified in the media for deflating footballs.

Carter’s story is a classic tale of heartbreaking injustice, Brady’s isn’t too far off according to Roadsteamer.


Here comes the story of Deflategate, the one that Brady got the blame for something he never even done but one time he could have been the greatest quarterback in the world.

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