The Red Line was hampered with delays this morning.Nicolaus Czarnecki/Metro

Lately, when it comes to the T, it seems like there's always something. Thursday morning that something was a downed utility pole near the Red Line's JFK stop that snarled traffic and delayed shuttle buses.

Shuttle buses were continuing to replace Red Line service between JFK and Braintree stops Thursday morning.

The shuttles, however, were delayed thanks to a downed light pole near the JFK station sometime before 7 a.m. that had “a significant impact on traffic circulation in the area of the station,” according to a MassDOT (Massachusetts Department of Transportation) statement.

That mess prompted the MBTA to ask customers to consider using the commuter rail from Braintree and Quincy Center stations to avoid JFK.


By 8:30 a.m., the utility pole and wires that was clogging traffic had been “removed or repositioned,” according to MassDOT. Residual delays, however, remained.

Both the Red and Orange lines are running limited service. On the latter, service will be available between Wellington and Forest Hills, but only one train will be operating back and forth between Oak Grove and Wellington all day

Delays also hampered the Green Line this morning.

Historically bad weather has complicated delays on the T for almost three weeks. MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott announced she was resigning from her post on Wednesday, following the recent public outcry about commuter delays and service problems.

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