Michael "Mickey Grouse" Tsung planned to ride a hippity hop that looks like a horsCourtesy of Michael Tsung

A local DJ and fan of flash mobs is organizing a bouncy parade of hippity hops in Boston on Sunday, planning to hit the Boston Harbor Hotel around 3 p.m. and hop on down the Greenway.

Because, why not? That’s the philosophy of organizer Michael Tsung, who goes by the pseudonym “Mickey Grouse.”

Fun has recently become a pastime for Tsung, who grew up in Lexington and left a corporate job recently to become a CrossFit instructor and DJ on the side. This would mark the second time he organized a flash mob,the name given to quirky meetups of people who want to do random acts of weirdness in public.

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The first one he led came after a plan to unleash a pile of beach balls at a club during one of his DJ sets went south — the club owner was worried about property damage, he said.

“I said, ‘Crap. Now I have 100 beach balls. What am I going to do with them?’ So 100 of us met on Boston Common and played with beach balls,” he said. “You get lemons, you make lemonade.”

It was an episode of the '90s TV show “Friends” that inspired this latest wacky idea, Tsung said. In one episode, Pheobe proclaims that on her bucket list is a desire to bounce around Manhattan on one of the kids’ toys.

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“I thought, ‘That would be really cool,’” he said. So he put a call-out online for buddies to bounce with. He expects a couple dozen to join him on Sunday with the adult-size bouncy balls with handles in tow.

He called it a much-needed dose of DIY entertainment for jaded Bostonians.

“A lot of times people say Boston is no fun because they close down at 2 a.m., but you can do things at 3 p.m. on a Sunday that are just as fun and unusual,” he said.

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The crowd of kids-at-heart may be smaller due to a rainy forecast, Tsung admitted. Plus, the idea of bouncing around on wet rubber sounds, well, slippery. But Tsung said the odd afternoon plans are on, rain or shine.

Signing up isn’t necessary, but buying an adult-size bouncing device is, Tsung said.

“Obviously I don’t have 50 hippityhops laying around,” he said.

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