harvard university, college campus
Harvard University's Cambridge campus.

Photo: John Phelan / Wikimedia Commons

College students are strapped with the stress of classes, homework and midterms.With so little time, more and more students are turning to dating apps to help them make love connections faster.

One such app, Coffee Meets Bagel, which boasts over 1 million users, analyzed more than 30,000 profiles from singles in at Boston-area top colleges to find out which schools have the most attractive, pickiest, most assertive and the chattiest singles. They even uncovered which college has the most matchmakers.

Boston is known as a hub for top-ranked colleges, but how do the schools stack up when it comes to the dating scene?

Boston College and Harvard have the most attractive singles, according to the app.


BC ladies received more “likes” than their peers at Boston University, Northeastern, Tufts, University of Massachusetts Boston, Harvard or MIT.

On the flip side, Harvard guys received the most “likes” among the collegiate men in Boston, the analysis showed.

The pickiest singles are from Northeastern and BC.

Women from Northeastern are the most likely ladies to “pass” on a potential match while guys at BC are more likely than their male peers at other Boston schools to “pass” on a potential match.

MIT users across gender lines are the chattiest singles, with the most chat messages sent to other users.

The analysis showed that singles from Harvard and MIT like to make the first move.

Harvard guys are the most assertive guys and like to make the first move to express interest in a single gal, but MIT ladies are more likely than their female peers at other Boston schools to make the first move to express interest in a single guy.

MIT singles love to play matchmaker. Users from the Cambridge school are the most likely to suggest a potential match to another single friend.