Iggy Azalea and Ke$ha on horses this week.


Iggy Azalea, at least on the surface, is not stressing about the Nick Young - D'Angelo Russell situation.

The Australian rapper, who is still engaged to Young - aka Swaggy P, has been dropping hints on the subject on Twitter.

Responding to @FameKillz_ , who wrote: "Iggy ISNT stressing shyt. You know, she's just riding horses w ke$ha," @IGGYAZALEA wrote, "what's there to even stress over?! Lol!"

@FameKilz_ tweeted back, "you know all the mess in the media and the Azelia mess. Nothing new girl. Keep riding horses. We got the drama."


@IGGYAZALEA responded, "neither of these things have any effect on my daily life."

Earlier this week @Drowningforiggytweeted at Azalea, "I'll call a U-Haul and we can have his s*** outta there in 10 min...just say the words boo!"

Azalea responded with, "lol, errrr...nick and i are good babe."

Azalea is set to appear on the Ellen DegeneresShow on Friday and odds are that the Young - Russell video tape scandal will be addressed.

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