Jeb Bush and Emerson College student Ben Bailey


Jeb is back! Sort of!

The former Republican presidential candidate and Florida governor was spotted walking down Boylston Street toward Copley Square last Tuesday.

Ben Bailey, an Emerson College student, said he ran after the politician after recognizing him, and thanked him for standing up to Donald Trump.

Bailey said Bush replied with a sheepish “well, thank you,” and obliged his request for a picture.


The post has since gone viral, even reaching national outlets like the Washington Post.

But before you let out a Trumpian “Sad!” at the image of Bush aimlessly wandering the streets of Boston by his lonesome, Bush told the Boston Globe he was just walking back to his hotel from a dinner.

“I wasn’t wandering,” Bush wrote, adding a smiley-face emoticon. “I was walking back from dinner to my hotel when I met the young guy.”

You can read Bailey’s full post below:

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