Stein speaks to a crowd at Occupy Wall Street in this file photo. Paul Stein/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein shot back at Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren Friday, after Warren told a crowd in Roxbury that a vote for her campaign would “move Donald Trump closer to the White House.”


“Anything you do that helps Donald Trump get one inch closer to the White House is a danger to all of us,” Warren reportedly told an audience Thursday at Roxbury Community College Thursday, according to the Boston Herald.


“Sad to see @elizabethforma attacking real progressives on behalf of a Wall Street-financed campaign,” Stein tweeted back. “#WalkTheWalk.”


“Politicians are not ‘entitled’ to our votes simply because they represent the establishment political parties,” Stein later said in an email to the Herald. “With a majority of Americans rejecting Clinton and Trump with record high levels of dislike and distrust, neither of them has earned our votes. I say: Don’t waste your vote on politics as usual that’s throwing us under the bus. Invest your vote in a movement for real change."


Stein, who hails from Massachusetts and has previously run for governor and president on the Green Party ticket, rejects claims that she is a spoiler that would steal votes from Clinton’s campaign.

"You know, I think, in this race, we have two candidates which are [sic] the most disliked and untrusted presidential candidates in our history,” Stein told Bloomberg this week. “They don’t have the votes to be taken away from. The majority of the American people are actually clamoring for another voice and another choice.”

Stein has consistently polled between 2 and 5 percent of the electorate since early June, according to Real Clear Politics.