A judge in Dorchester Municipal Court approved the defense's request for a second autopsy for Bella Bond, the 2-year-old formerly known to the world as Baby Doe, after she was found dead in a trash bag on Deer Island this past June.

Rachelle Bond and her boyfriend, Michael McCarthy, were charged in the infant’s death last month.

Bond's attorney requested the second autopsy in order to prove her client beat her child to death.

McCarthy's attorney also requested the autopsy because the murder charges McCarthy faces are soley from Bond's confession to police.


Prosecutors claimed McCarthy punched the 30-lbs girl in the stomach several times after she was crying in her bed, eventually killing her.Prosecutors said McCarthy was certain that the child was possessed by some kind of demons and would regularly lock the child in a closet when she would get upset.

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McCarthy said, "it was time for her to die" because she was possessed. Bond told investigators that he then grabbed her by the throat and told her that he'd kill her if she reported the killing. She said he put Bella's body and her blanket into a trash bag and put it in the kitchen refrigerator.

For weeks after, Bond said that McCarthy would regularly inject her with heroin to keep her sedated.

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Bella was found in a trash bag with her blanket on June 25 when a woman was walking her dog on Deer Island in Winthrop. She was about two and a half-years-old. After 83 days of head scratching, pleading with the public for help and vigorous investigation, authorities determined that she was murdered.

A woman walking her dog found the body on the beach. For months, a massive social media campaign spawned hundreds of leads. Her computer-rendered image was viewed almost 60 million times and authorities checked over 200 missing girls off of their lists from Massachusetts and 35 other states plus a handful of other countries.

The prosecution did not object to the request for the second autopsy.

Bond is still being held on $1 million bail and McCarthy isn’t going anywhere after he was ordered held without bail. There will be a probable cause hearing on Nov. 19.

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