A federal judge ordered conservative talk show host Glenn Beck to identify two confidential sources in connection to a defamation lawsuit brought against him concerning his former Fox News show’s reporting on the Boston Marathon bombing.

The suit was filed by Abdulrahman Alharbi, a then 20-year-old Saudi Arabian student who was injured in the attacks. Alharbi lived in Revere to attend the New England School of English, where he received a full scholarship.

Despite his injuries in the attack — and later claims from law enforcement that he was never considered a suspect —Beck continued to promote Alharbi as the “money man” behind the attacks on his program, Politico reported. Beck also called him a “proven terrorist” whose “mission was to recruit fighters” for Al-Qaeda.

Now U.S. District Court Judge Patti Saris ruled that the conservative talk show host must provide the names of two Department of Homeland Security employees who allegedly provided the source for those reports.


Saris reportedly said deposition testimony from Beck and two of his top deputies at the time, Joel Cheatwood and Joe Weasel, was “vague and often contradictory” about what the sources said.

The key sources allegedly only spoke to Weasel, who claimed he took notes on Post-its that were later thrown out.

You can watch a video from one of the segments below.

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