VIDEO: Justin Bieber sits on a tree in Boston Common, for some reason

The pop star was seen sitting on a tree branch in Boston Common only a day after he said he felt like fans treated him like a "zoo animal."

Hello, readers. Please enjoy this short video of Justin Bieber being a weirdo on a tree branch in Boston Common Wednesday:


And another video haha aww ❤️

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In a scene reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film, Bieber is seen straddling a large tree branch during a sunny Wednesday afternoon at Boston Common, as, almost too perfectly, a nearby guitarist plays the final plucks of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Scarborough Fair.”


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The Biebs, seemingly wearing ear buds in the video, is seen raising his arms to the sky in another clip, taken only moments before:


I don't want to sleep yet so here is a cute video of justin sitting in a tree 🙈❤️

A video posted by JUSTIN BIEBER FANPAGE ✨ (@boysizzler) on

To which deity is the Biebs praying? Is he practicing yoga? Meditating?

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Hey, at least he kept away from the squirrels this go around.

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