A Salem woman convicted of denying her son potentially life-saving medications to treat his cancer was released from prison Thursday as she awaits a new trial.


Kristen LaBrie already spent 5 years behind bars after withholding months of at-home chemotherapy treatment to her autistic son, who died when he was nine years old in 2009, the AP reported.


She was convicted of attempted murder in 2011 and sentenced to eight to ten years in jail, but the State Supreme Judicial Court later found that she was iandequately represented by her lawyer and granted her appeal,the Boston Globe reported.


The court did uphold LaBrie's conviction on a charge of reckless endangerment of a child. LaBrie started probation on that count Thursday, the Globe reported.


LaBrie reportedly told the court that she stopped giving her son his medication during his final phase of treatment because she couldn’t bear to see the pain that it caused him.

LaBrie is back in court on June 3.