The lawyer for a Massachusetts doctor accused of sexually assaulting two of his patients has reportedly asked for one of the rape charges to be dropped, WCVB reported.
Dr. Ho Yin "Aaron" Shiu was indicted and pleaded not guilty on multiple charges of indecent assault, battery and rape in 2014.
Now Shiu’s lawyer,Robert Sheketoff,has reportedly asked for the rape charge to be dropped due to insufficient evidence and because his client did not use force, which he alleges is an “element" of rape.
“In his motion to dismiss the rape charge, Mr. Sheketoff said force is an element of rape and the grand jury heard no evidence of force allegedly being used by Dr. Shiu. Citing case law, Mr. Sheketoff said the force needed for rape ‘may, depending on the circumstances, be constructive force, as well as physical force, violence, or the threat of bodily harm’” the Telegram Gazette reported.
Allegations against Shiu come from a former patient of his who said the doctor “had her remove her underwear and inappropriately touched her without wearing gloves,” WCVB reported.

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