Craig Sager will work Game 6 of the NBA Finals Thursday.

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Craig Sager, the longtime NBA on TNT sideline reporter known for his flashy suits, is fighting the battle of his life.


Sager has undergone numerous chemotherapy treatments to fight his leukemia these past few months but has continued to work - even on the same days in which he had a chemo treatment. For the first time ever, Sager will work the NBA Finals Thursday (9 p.m., ABC) as ESPN is allowing the TNT reporter to work the biggest basketball game of the year.


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"What are my choices?," Sager told GQ earlier this year. "If I didn't do this, I'd just be sitting in some hospital bed somewhere hooked up to some IVs, slowly withering away. This keeps me going. This keeps me energized. It gives me hope. It certainly takes my mind off of all the chemo and all the transfusions and everything else I have to go through, so it's a great deterrent. And I just don't want to miss a game."


Above is a video of some of Sager's top on-air moments.