MBTA Transit Police

A Malden man allegedly exposed himself to a woman on an Orange Line train Wednesday because he assumed she was a Hillary Clinton supporter, MBTA police said.

James Sacchetti, 30, approached the victim on the train around noontime and an initiated a conversation about the recent presidential election. Assuming the victim voted for Clinton, Sacchetti allegedly told her she made a poor choice.

When the victim told Sacchetti her vote is her personal choice and private business, Sacchetti allegedly stood up from his seat, unbuckled his belt, lowered his pants and underwear, and exposed himself to the woman.

A witness corroborated the victim's story.


Sacchettiexited the train, but MBTA police said they caught up with him in a stairwell at the Forest Hills station. He was arrested and charged with open and gross lewdness.

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