An MIT basketball player who allegedly sexually assaulted a Boston University student in her campus dorm was arrested on related charges this week.


Samson Donick, 20, of Tiburon, California and formerly of Boston, allegedly sexually assaulted the 20-year-old victim as she slept last October. The student confronted him and screamed, prompting her assailant to flee the scene, the Suffolk District Attorney’s Office said.


Donick was reportedly an MIT student at the time of the assault, according to multiple media reports. A player's bio matching Donick's name and hometown lists him as a basketball player at the school from 2014-2015, though his picture is no longer on the site. An earlier version can be found on Google Cache.


Investigators said Donickand three other men, all of who didn't attend the school, were signed into the dorm by two female students at about 2:00 a.m. and entered their suite. About 30 minutes later Donick and one of the men went looking for a woman the man knew and lived in the dorm.


Police believe the pair entered at least 10 dorm rooms looking for the woman. During the search, they came across the victim—who did not know Donick or the second male — and Donick allegedly assaulted her.


Campus police were later able to retrieve surveillance footage of the two men in a building stairwell and picking up their identification at the front desk where they had been signed in. They were both identified by police,with one mangiving "a statement indicating that he and Donick had entered several suites and bedrooms during the time in question, including one bedroom in which Donick had stayed for a short time," prosecutors said.

The victim’s description of her assailant was also consistent with Donick and the clothing he was wearing in the surveillance camera footage.

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Donick faces charges of aggravated rape, breaking and entering at night with the intent to commit a felony, burglary and indecent assault and battery.

At his Wednesday arraignment, he was taken into custody on a $10,000 cash bail, according to the Suffolk district attorney, which added that he was ordered to surrender his passport, have no contact with the victim or witnesses and remain outside of Massachusetts.

His next court date was scheduled for June 22, the DA siad.

The man who stated he was with Donick when he entered the suites that night will not be facing charges, a spokesperson for the district attorney said.

In Suffolk County, the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center offers a free and confidential 24-hour hotline to victims at 800-841-8371. You can also find local services outside of Bostonat