A Cambridge man who is accused of secretly recording women while having sex or undressedwas arraigned in Middlesex Superior Court Friday.

Teddy Browar-Jarus, 32, of Cambridge, was arraigned on 26 counts of secretly recording an unsuspecting nude person, 11 counts of willful recording of oral communication, and one count of attempting to video record an unsuspecting person in a state of nudity.

Browar-Jarus first came to the attention of police when a then roommate reported him in 2015. It was then, prosecutors said, that the woman discovered a small cell phone with its camera facing the bed, with the name “Teddy” on the home screen.

After the victim's report, authorities said they executed a search warrant and found “multiple recording devices,” including a laptop, a hook camera — a device similar in appearance to a hook used for hanging towels but containing a hidden recording device— and dozens of such videos in Browar-Jarus’s room.


The videos allegedly portrayed women undressed, going to the bathroom and having sex. Police also discovered what they said were two other hook cameras in Somerville apartments, allegedly placed there by Browar-Jarus.

Police said they were able to identify twelve of the women depicted in the videos, including the woman who initially reported them to authorities. All of them told investigators they did not give consent for the audio and visual recordings.

The videos were all taken sometime between 2011 and 2015, the district attorney’s office said.

Browar-Jarus is due back in court on Friday, Oct. 7.