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While four states have reportedly established quarantine protocols for people who have been in contact with Ebola patients, Gov. Deval Patrick said Massachusetts will be following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention protocols and does not have a procedure to quarantine people.

"We don't need a plan to quarantine. We're doing what the CDC has advised. I think we are well prepared," Patrick said. The new policy in New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Florida to establish quarantine protocols has drawn some criticism.

A Maine nurse returning from Sierre Leone where she assisted with the response to the Ebola outbreak was held in a quarantine tent in New Jersey where she complained about her treatment, the lack of a shower, and being held even though she had no symptoms.

Patrick said Massachusetts has protocols for isolating a patient who displays the symptoms of Ebola, which has killed thousands in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.


"I understand people's anxiety, but there are health protocols about where risk is high and where it is not, and how to assure that where risk is high we deal with it, including isolation where someone is presenting symptoms and has been exposed," Patrick said.

Asked after an announcement at the Reggie Lewis Center Monday morning about how New York and New Jersey have responded, Patrick said, "I don't have a comment on New Jersey and New York."

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