Elliot was a member of the Massachusetts State Police's Mounted Unit for 15 years.Facebook/Massachusetts State Police

Over the weekend, the Massachusetts State Police had to to say goodbye to one of its equine members that has served by troopers’ sides for over a decade.


State police announced via Facebook on Monday, according to NBC10 Boston, that it had lost Elliot, one of the members of its Mounted Unit.


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“Elliot, a long serving member of the unit passed away surrounded by mounted Troopers,” the Facebook post said.


According to police, Elliot had taught many troopers how to ride and perfect their horsemanship during his 15 years on the force. He had patrolled parks and beaches and was a crowd favorite for both adults and children.


Elliot was also always a part of major events in Boston such as sports championship celebrations and also Fourth of July festivities.

“His calming demeanor and rock solid stature at these events is what made him such a valuable member of the unit,” the post said. “Elliot really excelled at school and camp events because of his kind way with children.”

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The 15-year veteran horse earned overall third place in the 2014 North American Police Equestrian Championships in Delaware and took home first place as part of the finishing team for the 2015 Police Horse Pace Challenge.

“He was a true gentleman and a true trooper to the end,” the post said. “Elliot's gentle nature will be greatly missed by many, but will be missed most of all by the State Police Mounted Unit.”