The Massachusetts Department of Transportation unveiled new billboards asking an almost three-month-old question: Remember me?

Adjacent to the question is the computer rendered image of the 4-year-old girl known to the world as Baby Doe.

There are 84 MassDOT-permitted digital billboards —in 50 spots all over Massachusetts — with her image and a picture of the polka-dot pants she wore along with information on the tip line.

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Authorities are begging the public to help identify this little girl. She was found in a trash bag on Deer Island on June 25 when a dog walker stumbled across her remains. She had brown eyes, brown hair, weighed about 30 lbs and was found with a zebra-print fleece blanket. At the time, Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley said that investigators did not think she had been there for long.

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Authorities have conducted pollen tests on her clothes and isotope tests on her teeth and hair, both of which confirmed that she spent time in the Greater Boston Area.

Since her discovery, investigators have been flooded with hundreds of leads on possible matches, conducted well-being checks all over the state, as well as 35 other states and in other countries. According to information put out by the State Police, officials have ruled out more than 200 girls.

So far, her identity and the cause of her death remain an enigma.

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