Mayor Marty Walsh has hosted several Twitter Q+A's during his tenure.

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Boston’s mayor and school superintendent planned to take your back-to-school questions on Twitter Wednesday.

Mayor Marty Walsh and Tommy Chang, the new superintendent of Boston Public Schools, promised to go live for a Q+A Wednesday starting at 3 p.m.

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Walsh first tweeted about the online meetup Aug. 21.


Inquisitive parents or school observers can tweet their questions using hashtag #ASKMJW, the one Walsh has used in past Q+A’s - the latest in June was full of questions about Boston’s now-defunct Olympic bid. Before that, Walsh hosted a chat on Earth Day in April.

Last year, he hosted an “Ask Me Anything” chat on Reddit.

Chang's Chief of Staff Makeeba McCreary said the chat was a "tremendous opportunity" for the new city administrator.

"While the Twitter chat is a tremendousopportunity to reach many of our Boston residents, Dr. Chang has made a full commitment to multiple modalities of communication - namely face-to-face interactions with our staff, students and community partners," McCreary told Metro.

The first questions for this round came in two weeks ago from people wondering if the timing for the chat was poorly planned.

“Respectfully, why aren’t we having this chat to help parents with #backtoschool ???’s BEFORE school starts?” tweeted @MagdalenaVerdad.

“Please realize this is exactly when kids get out of school,” tweeted @thelizlingpyrat.

Walsh’s Twitter handle – run by Walsh himself and by staffers, according to the mayor’s bio - urged people with scheduling conflicts to tweet questions ahead of time.

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