Paul Healy, the hero MBTA driver.


A veteran MBTA bus driver did a lot more than make the wheels go round when he used his bus to cut off a woman who was having a seizure behind the wheel.

The T driver, Paul Healy, possibly saved her life by keeping her from crashing, police said.

“He definitely went above and beyond,” MBTA spokesperson Richard Sullivan said of Healy. “He probably saved this woman’s life.”

According to police the driver saw that the woman might be suffering a medical emergency when she was “slumping over the wheel” and swerving.


Healy has been driving for 14 years, Sullivan said.

Healy was driving the Route 230 bus in Quincy when he noticed the 56-year-old woman behind him. As he approached the intersection of Quincy Avenue and East Howard Street Healy cut the woman off, then, jumped off his bus and rushed to the woman’s aid.

The incident was captured on bus security cameras. Sullivan said Healy pulled her keys out of the ignition, then told his dispatcher to call for paramedics. The woman was rushed to nearby steward satellite emergency Facility in Quincy.

It was later determined that the woman likely suffered from a seizure.

“I think the driver did an excellent job,” Sullivan Said. “Oftentimes the MBTA employees, in particular the bus drivers, get criticized — and this guy showed that these bus drivers do a great job day in and day out.”

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