Patriots fans can't wait for Super Bowl LI to get underway.

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With loyalty, inevitably, comes bias. You can call Patriots fans a lot of things—rash, defensive, “friggin’ impervious to cold weatha, guy”—but disloyal isn’t one of them. On a week in which seemingly all of New England is drinking the Kool-Aid, we took to the streets of Boston, sought predictions for the Super Bowl, and gauged dissent amongst the ranks. Predictably, there was very little.

Here’s what Metro readers/Patriots fans had to say about how this Sunday will play out:

Ross Lafontaine, 22, Dracut

Atlanta’s biggest thing is their wide receivers. I think Belichick will throw something at [Matt] Ryan he’s not ready for. They’re going to double up Julio [Jones], put Malcolm [Butler] on [Mohamed] Sanu, I think they’ll be good … Malcolm Mitchell’s going to go off. [The Falcons] are going to put all their focus on Chris Hogan, and the Pats still have their run game. They’ll get Dion [Lewis] in the mix too.


Prediction: Patriots 27-16, Tom Brady MVP

Paula Taylor, 60, North End

It’s all Patriots, 30-23. Personally I think it’s going to be a good game, it’s going to be close, but the Pats will take it by seven. I like [Danny] Amendola, and I think [Tom] Brady will have a good game—I think he throws four touchdowns. So maybe the scores going to be a little higher … let’s say 40-33.”

Prediction: Patriots, 40-33, Tom Brady MVP

Carl, 63, North End

Patriots will win by more than three —I think they’ll cover. Brady gets MVP. If it’s not Brady I don’t think they win—so if not, maybe Matt Ryan on the other side. Ryan’s good. He’ll put up a fight and it’ll be close, but I still think the Pats cover.

Prediction: Patriots 27-21, Tom Brady MVP

Kevin Reynolds, 50, Jamaica Plain

Take the points. I think they put up 30. They’re going to be all over Ryan; Belichick will have the game plan set. Better prepared, better strategy. If you could give it to the coach, I think Belichick would get MVP—they’ve proven they can win without Brady. But Brady will probably get it.”

Prediction: Patriots 30-24, Tom Brady MVP

Marguerite Burbine, 34, Boston

I think the Pats are going to win because, 1. This is Tom Brady's year!!; 2. Tom Brady's dad is his hero.; 3. Ryan's hero is probably Tom Brady.

Prediction: Patriots 36, 24

John Peckham, 70, Boston

The G.O.A.T. eeks out a close one over the BC kid. The G.O.A.T. goes home to Gisele with a big smile on his face. The BC kid goes back to Atlanta to practice some more.

Prediction: Patriots 37, Falcons 31

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