The blue Dodge Neon that allegedly clocked 146 miles per hour on an officer's radaMaine State Police

An 18-year-old driver faces numerous charges after troopers said they clocked him traveling at 146 mph—more than twice the posted speed limit—on I-95 in Maine.


Maine State Police said a car traveling a legal rate of speed would’ve reached arresting officer Lt. Bruce Scott’s location in about 12 minutes after he received an initial report about a “blue sports car” speeding toward his location.


Instead, the car arrived in about five minutes, Scott said. The officer clocked the blue Dodge Neon traveling 146 miles per hour in a 70 miles per hour zone, police said.


Tyler Barrows, 18, of Manchester, Maine, was arrested Wednesday for criminal speeding, failure to provide proof of insurance and failure to provide proof of inspection.


Scott, who heads up the Traffic Safety Division for Maine State Police, said that he’d never seen anyone traveling that fast in his entire career.