Do you have goat care experience? Would you enjoy a free goat? Perhaps — even multiple goats?

Buddy, you’re in luck: the MSPCA-Nevins farm in Methuen, Massachusetts, just received a whopping total of 46 goats in the largest surrender of such animals in the organization’s history.

A farmer who lived in Montague asked the MSPCA to help after he “became overwhelmed with the growing population,” according to a statement from the organization’s spokesman Rob Halpin. That person’s identity is not being released.

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Most of the goats tested positive for coccidia — a highly contagious bacteria that upsets the intestines — as well as some other parasitic infections, including round, whip and tapeworms. As a result, many of the animals spent their first week in quarantine, but are responding well to treatment, Halpin said.

The animals are diverse and comprise an assembly of alpine, pygmy and angora mixes.

The group hopes adopters with “goat care experience and an understanding of goats’ need for socialization” will step forward to help find new homes for the goats, Halpin said. Those interested should have other farm animals on their property and/or be willing to take at least two of the animals home.

“The diversity of the herd is one of the most remarkable characteristics of this particular surrender,” he added in an email. “Several of the females are pregnant and there are 10 nursing babies ('kids') younger than 6 months old. Some of the older members of the herd are upwards of 5 years old.”

Anyone with questions can contact the organization at

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