City of Boston

Boston wants to snuff out cigarette butts on city streets.

Mayor Marty Walsh on Wednesdaylaunched 'Neat Streets,' an interactive public space installation, which aims to deter littering behaviors among residents and visitors who smoke cigarettes.

The interactive initiative prompts smokers to throw away their cigarettes in a slot on a board by voting for the question being posed at the top of the board.

For example, “More essential Boston winter gear? Hats or boots?” Residents and visitors are encouraged to submit questions to @CityofBoston on Twitter, using hashtags #NeatStreets or #NeatStreetsBos, through March.


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“Boston is a beautiful city, but to keep it that way we must all do our part to keep our streets clean,”Walsh said in a press release.“This smart and innovative effort incorporates a public polling process to engage our residents and visitors in protecting our environment.”

The initiative is modeled after a similar program in London, Walsh said.

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