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The Boston City Council is weighing a new proposal that targets the city’s speed limits in an effort to get drivers to slow down.

On Wednesday, Council officials held a meeting to discuss a proposal that would lower the speed limit from 30 mph to 20 mph in densely populated areas, Fox 25 reported.

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The proposal, which would first require an affirmative vote from the City Council and the support of Mayor Walsh, would eventually need the state Legislature’s endorsement because speed limits are set at the state level, the Boston Globe reported.


"It’s the most common complaint in my district — speed," City Councilor Frank Baker, who held Wednesday’s hearing, was quoted by the Globe. “We’ve gotten some complaints that, ‘We are going to be driving around like turtles here.’ Not the case."

Boston Transportation Department Commissioner Gina Fiandaca said that Boston traffic crashes were responsible for at least 23 fatalities last year, according to Fox 25, which added that six people have died so far in 2016.

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A representative for Mayor Walsh said to the Globe that the mayor has previously supported lowering speed limits, but he would need to review a final proposal before making a decision on the measure.

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