The new non-stop train would cut commuting time to Back Bay by 30 minutes, officials METRO FILE

Rush-hour commuters who use the rail between Worcester and Boston could see their time on the train cut by half an hour next year, officials announced today.

The MBTA’s Commuter Rail unveiled plans to add a non-stop 7:55 a.m. train to the schedule, starting in May 2016, which officials said would eliminate the up to 16 stops between Union Station and Back Bay and cut travel time by about 30 minutes.

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“The new schedule will give commuters more options on an improved schedule that reflect the needs of today for both our residents and our economy,” Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito said in a statement.


The new plan for the line, announced in Worcester Wednesday, also includes five zone express trains, up from three. Just one train leaving Worcester would make all stops between the city and Boston.

In the evening, the Commuter Rail would run six trains between South and Union stations, five zone express and one non-stop, according to the plan. Three trains would take commuters to Framingham.

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