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Newton high school students wave confederate flag from car window

A fellow student caught the incident on video.

The car drove in front of the school waving the confederate flag.

Tharun Kannan / Facebook

Newton North High School says it is taking "appropriate action" in dealing with several students who flew a confederate flag out of a car window in front of the school earlier this week.

A video surfaced Tuesday on Facebook of a red car on Tiger Drive with a confederate flag waving from the window. A student first posted the video and then the post was shared by Black Lives Matter Cambridge.

"The Confederate Flag is a painful sight for many Black people. It's a reminder that the bloodiest war in American history was fought to keep us enslaved," the Black Lives Matter Cambridge post reads."So when the Confederate Flag is being openly flown in public spaces, especially at a school by students, it is a reminder that we are not welcome."

Newton Public Schools responded that the incident was reported to local police.

Principal Henry Turner wrote a letter to Newton North families on Wednesday regarding what he called the "deeply troubling incident."

"Please know that we take this incident very seriously. Newton North is committed to creating a school community that is welcoming and inclusive for all," Turner wrote. "There are members of the North community who are deeply upset and hurt by the actions of these individuals."

Turner wrote that the school is taking "appropriate action" after identifying a small group of students who were involved.

The student who recorded the video said in his Facebook post that he was able to capture video of the car because it drove around Tiger Drive with the flag three times.
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