Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday, but firstYouTube

Bad lip readings are, in fact, good. So good that they'll never die.

The first NFL bad lip reading of note, came in 2013 when Adrian Peterson lip synched the famous words, "An orange peanut? For me?!" That year's lip reading was so popular that "orange peanut" went viral and Peterson himself actually ended up autographing an orange peanut.

The bad lip reading franchise got another jolt to start 2017 when Donald Trump's Presidential Inauguration got the treatment. The video got over 27 million views on YouTube.

As for this year's football incarnation. Got to go to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady with this:


"Somebody took the nickels out of my dang locker ... You hear what I said? ... Everyone one of you guys is now a suspect, okay?"

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