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An off-duty Boston police officer was the driver of the car that struck and killed a Milton High School student on Wednesday, WHDH reported.

The officer was identified as 20-year veteran Sgt. Warren Hoppie.

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The victim, Kate Lisa Etienne, was struck by Sgt. Hoppie’s Jeep Wrangler on Brush Hill Road at Aberdeen Road on Wednesday around 3:30 p.m.


“The Jeep swerved into the median while trying to avoid the pedestrian, state police said. Sgt. Hoppie remained at the scene,” WCVB reported.

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Now Etienne’s family is calling for an unbiased investigation from officials into what exactly went wrong.

"I just need some answers," Anne Etienne, the victim’s mother, told WCVB. "It's not going to bring closure just yet. At least I'll know how to move forward."

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