FLORHAM PARK, N.J. – The New England Patriots didn’t fumble this tweet, digging into the vaults to bring back the memory of ‘Buttfumble.’

With the divisional game against the New York Jets just days away, the Patriots rolled out a tweet on Thursday specifically designed to troll their opponents. A photo of former Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez running into the backside of former offensive lineman Brandon Moore was posted to the team’s official Twitter account on Thursday morning, around the same time that the Jets were outside ready to start practice.

The infamous ‘Buttfumble’ moment involving Sanchez running into the, ahem, rear end of Moore and then fumbling the ball, summed up the Jets 2012 season perfectly. They finished 6-10 that year but ‘Buttfumble’ went viral and lived on far beyond the season and Sanchez’s tenure with the team.

The Patriots tweeted out a photo of ‘Buttfumble’ with the message ‘This seems relevant. #TBT”



A little trash talk in Week 7 of the NFL season. That’s the Patriots Way.

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