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PHOTOS: Boston protest lashes out at Trump victory

Thousands of demonstrators gathered in Boston Common Wednesday night.

Demonstrators swarmed Boston Common Wednesday night in protest of a Donald Trump presidency.

"We are the 49.99 percent," read one demonstrator's sign, speaking to the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in the Nov. 8 election.

Chants of "Not my president," reverberated around the gazebo, and speakers discussed issues ranging from immigration and deportation to women's and LGBTQ rights and higher wages for hourly workers.

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"What we think we need is new party of the 99 percent of working people that doesn’t promote division, but promotes unity," organizer Elan Axelbank of Socialst Alternative Boston said. "We reject anything racist, anything sexist, anything homophobic. We reject corporate politics and the corporate system."

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