Despite a grey and rainy night last night (and a certain football team beginning its season), hundreds of Bostonians found their party spirit, and danced the night away under the normally austere eves of City Hall Plaza. The event? Diner en Blanc, the pop up dining sensation that has taken over cities around the world. Attendees get on an invite list, then receive the location of the event just as it's about to begin. They also have to dress all in white to gain admission.

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While everyone followed the all-white clothing rules, the attendees were very creative in how they applied them. Men donned rakish white fedoras, while elaborate white fascinators were the order of the day for many women. From modest flowers to tall feathered and veiled headresses, the ladies did their best Ascot impression. Even the sadly necessary umbrellas were more often white or clear than anything else, and plenty of people had clear ponchos on so that their outfits could still be seen.

People even got creative in how they decorated their tables, with bouquets of white flowers and centerpieces adorning many people. Special credit goes to Michelle Dempsey, who was attending with her husband Graham. Their table had a few glass jars filled with water. At the bottom were white pebbles, while at the top, white flowers floated by. Oh, and within the jars, white fish swam around. Dempsey said she didn't pull the idea from anywhere else — "It was just something I thought of." Each fish was on its own. "They're white beta fish, which is why they have to be in separate containers," Dempsey explained. She had gotten them at Petco, and got them to the event the way everyone else arrived — on the T. But she said no one on the T was the wiser. She kept them in tupperware in ashoebox for their journey. You can see the full effect in the slide show above.


Music was provided by members of the White Heat Swing Orchestra during dinner. Craig Ball, bandleader, says the band has backed Tony Bennett in the past, and seemed a naturalfit for the night, given their name. "We're not all white," he assured us. "Just opaque."

After dinner ended, people cleared their plates, then danced the night away as DJ Nixxprovided the soundtrack.

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