A drone in flight.

Flickr/Creative Commons

In another sign of our creepy technological times, the Hollis, New Hampshire police department is asking for the public’s help to find a person or persons using remote controlled drones to look inside the homes of residents there.

Authorities said they’ve received reports between June 20 and July 26 from residents on Flint Pond Road and Wright Road.

Victims told police that the sightings occurred during late night and early morning hours, and included movements that seemed to indicate the drone was watching them as they slept or walked around their residence. Yikes!

The Federal Aviation Administration requires that drones be flown only during the day, but Hollis Police Lt. Rick Bailey said the perpetrator could face other charges, as well.


"There could be a number of charges. It could be some type of harassment, trespassing, invasion of privacy," Bailey told WMUR.

Anyone with information about the peeping drones is asked to contact Detective Tara Koski or Detective Angelo Corrado of the Hollis Police Department at (603) 465-7637.

You can also leave an anonymous online tip with the department here.

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