Cops arrested a man who officers said they found passed out in the front seat of a car with a bottle of beer and a loaded Glock in Dorchester, Boston police said yesterday.

Police rolled into Lawrence Avenue in Dorchester at about 5:38 p.m. Saturday for a report of a person stabbed.
While there was no sign of anyone stabbed, police said they found a man slumped over, drooling in the passenger seat of a car. They claim they saw a half-empty bottle of beer in his hand, and couldn’t wake him up when they knocked on the windows. When he didn’t respond, police opened the doors.

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As he came to, police spotted a loadedGlock19 semi-automatic, officials said. The man did not have a license to carry, authorities said.

Officers arrested 37-year-old Brandon Howard from Boston on weapons charges. Police determined that the gun had been reported stolen, therefore, Howard was additionally charged with receiving stolen property.
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